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Quinton excellence Hazell BFK820 Zubehörsatz - 4-teilig Bremsbelag Mesa Mall

Quinton Hazell BFK820 Zubehörsatz, Bremsbelag - (4-teilig)


Quinton Hazell BFK820 Zubehörsatz, Bremsbelag - (4-teilig)




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für VW GOLF III (1H1) 1.9 SDI (1995-1997) AEY (1896 ccm, 47 KW, 64 PS)
für VW GOLF III (1H1) 1.4 (1991-1997) AEX (1390 ccm, 44 KW, 60 PS)
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für VW GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.0 (1983-1985) GN (1043 ccm, 33 KW, 45 PS)
für VW GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.3 (1983-1986) GT (1272 ccm, 43 KW, 58 PS)
für VW GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.3 (1985-1987) NU (1272 ccm, 37 KW, 50 PS)
für VW GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.6 D (1983-1991) ME (1588 ccm, 37 KW, 50 PS)
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für VW GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.6 TD (1989-1991) 1V (1588 ccm, 44 KW, 60 PS)
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Quinton Hazell BFK820 Zubehörsatz, Bremsbelag - (4-teilig)

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World leaders including Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau capped off their first day at the COP26 climate conference with a lavish royal reception at Glasgow's Kelvingrove Museum with Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Cornwall. The leaders appeared in high spirits as they spoke with Government representatives at Glasgow's Kelvingrove Museum and entered dinner-time diplomacy. During the night, the Prime Minister, who hosted the evening at the recently renovated art gallery, told leaders the summit was 'quite an extraordinary historic event' and it was even more important because 'we face nothing less than a mortal threat to our planet and to our civilisation'. He also hailed Prince Charles as 'the man to defuse the bomb at the world's moment of danger' and described him as a 'prophet without honour' for his efforts in tackling climate change. The PM's comments came just moments after the Queen urged world leaders to 'earn a place in history' and 'answer the call of those future generations' in an impassioned speech to representatives.

Terry McAuliffe canceled a Virginia Beach campaign event on Monday, less than 24 hours before the gubernatorial Election Day, with polls showing his GOP challenger Glenn Youngkin edging ahead in a race that could be catastrophic for the Biden White House. A spokesperson for Democrat McAuliffe said, according to 13 News Now, that he will campaign in a different part of the state in a bizarre move on the eve of the election seen as the first indicator of the administration's performance ahead of the 2022 midterms. On Monday, a new poll said that 44 percent of Democrat supporters want Biden to be replaced as the candidate on the 2024 ticket, and a loss in Virginia could cause a panic in his party, sway voters across the country and create more chaos in his spending packages negotiations. McAuliffe and Youngkin have less than a 1 per cent polling gap from each other as Tuesday’s Virginia gubernatorial race comes down to the wire.

Researchers in Australia examined studies involving more than 5,000 people to determine whether the vitamin could reduce the risk of respiratory tract infections - ranging from milder colds pneumonia.

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Alec and Hilaria seen after 'tasteless' Halloween posts
  • Baldwin
  • Swanson
  • Simpson
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Results of a recently-released study (shown) found the frequency of terms such as 'white supremacy' and 'racist' has grown exponentially since 2010, including at the New York Times (pictured)

Brian Hsu, 20, of Irvine, California has been charged in the assault of a flight attendant onboard an American Airlines flight on October 27 from New York to Santa Ana California.

A new Marist poll shows only 36 per cent of Democrats and left-leaning independents think their party has a better chance of winning by putting Biden at the top of the 2024 presidential ticket.

The US Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a bid by a Catholic hospital in California to avoid a lawsuit over its refusal to let its facilities be used to perform a hysterectomy on a transgender patient.

Manchin shatters Biden's hopes of passing his spending packages this week by saying he will NOT support the $1.75T plan until he 'knows the impact on inflation and the national debt' 

Sen. Joe Manchin on Monday dashed President Biden's hope for a vote on his $1.75 trillion reconciliation package this week as he called on the House to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill on its own. The West Virginia Democrat, whose centrist vote wields much power in the 50-50 Senate, put the breaks on the larger spending package, saying in a press conference he would not vote for it until he had 'greater clarity' on what its impact would be for inflation and the national debt. With President Biden off in Europe, Manchin's remarks are just another blow for the White House just hours before the polls open in the crucial Virginia governor's race and with a new poll showing 44 percent of Democratic voters want him replaced on the 2024 presidential ticket. On Friday, President Biden called the spending bill 'fiscally responsible' and 'fully paid for.' But on Monday, Manchin said: 'Simply put, I will not support a bill that is this consequential without thoroughly understanding the impact that it will have on our national debt, our economy.' Even after Democrats paired down their initial spending package from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion, Manchin said his vote should not be taken for granted.

A majority on US Supreme Court appeared to be leaning Monday towards blocking a Texas bill that bans abortion after six weeks, the most restrictive law passed since abortion was made a constitutional right five decades ago.

The state Pardon and Parole Board voted Monday to recommended that Gov. Kevin Stitt grant Jones clemency and commute his sentence to life in prison with the possibility of parole. The vote was 3-1. The board heard from Jones, 41, who testified via video link from the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester. The family of victim Paul Howell saw him being shot in his driveway. They're fully convinced that Jones killed their brother and father. They resent the support that Jones has drawn from favorable documentaries and celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, who often advocates for the release of inmates she believes were wrongly accused.

ZentimeX Z3051597 Antirutsch Kofferraumwanne fahrzeugspezifisch

White House documents uncovered by an Australian newspaper suggest President Joe Biden knew France hadn't been told Australia planned to cancel a $90 billion submarine deal.

DailyMail.com spotted Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria leaving their six-bedroom hideaway rental home in Manchester, Vermont, on Monday. The pair escaped to Vermont with their six children following the actor's fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins on set of the film Rust in New Mexico. The couple hit four different coffee shops before settling on a Starbucks in Manchester Center. Hilaria, dressed in a baseball cap and activewear, went on a three-mile run while Alec waited in the car. This comes the day after Hilaria was hit with criticism for posting what critics call 'tasteless' and 'inappropriate' Halloween photos of their family.

Swanson, 51, tweeted her diagnosis on November 1, revealing she was at the 'tail end of my 'Covid diagnosis when it jumped into my lungs.' She was taken to a New Jersey hospital where she is being treated for COVID-related pnemonia. She said she is 'in good spirits and in great hands' and being treated with oxygen, Baricitinib, and blood thinners. The actress, who is best known for starring in the 1992 movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has spoken out against the COVID-19 vaccine. An outspoken Trump supporter, she starred opposite Dean Cain in a YouTube play about 'Obamagate.'

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic of Minnesota found that people who receive the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine are 3.5 times as likely to develop rare blood clotting than others.

Prisons across the U.S. are reporting staffing shortages as correctional officers retire and quit in droves due to fear of contacting the virus, bad working conditions and vaccine mandates,

An Israeli study finds that people with lower antibody responses to the COVID-19 vaccines are more likely to suffer a breakthrough case. Though they are less likely to develop symptoms.

The first ever case of a person transmitting the virus to one of their pets was detected in Arizona in March. Pets are relatively safe from the virus, and are likely to have an asymptomatic case.

Not so Sleepy now! Biden laughs and jokes with Prince William at COP26 Royal reception alongside Kate Middleton and Prince Charles after nodding off during climate conference 

President Joe Biden capped off his first day at the COP26 climate conference on Monday with a royal reception from Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton. The event took place at the popular Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasglow, a short distance from where the climate summit was being held.  Biden was seen laughing with Prince William, an hand on his shoulder. The Duchess of Cambridge was also seen arriving at the event along with Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

President Biden's whirlwind European tour appears to be catching up with him, as the 78-year-old was caught resting his eyes during the opening remarks of the COP26 climate conference.

First Lady Jill Biden arrived in Naples, Italy Monday afternoon to tour a DOD-funded school, splitting off from husband, President Joe Biden.

One scrubs up well! Kate Middleton dazzles in a custom blue Eponine coat dress next to dapper Prince William as pair attend Earthshot reception at COP26

The Duchess of Cambridge proved she scrubbed up well tonight as she swapped her muddy outdoor outfit for a dazzling evening gown to attend the Earthshot reception at Cop26 in Glasgow tonight.    Kate Middleton looked the picture of poise in a blue coat dress and navy heels as she walked alongside Prince William in a dapper suit.    Wearing her hair back in a low bun, the Duchess opted for a glamorous make-up look for the ceremony tonight. It comes just hours after royal couple, both 39, visited Alexandra Park Sports Hub in Dennistoun to meet with Scouts from and learn more about the group's' #PromiseToThePlanet campaign (inset)

Rapunzel Bio Olivenöl fruchtig, nativ extra (2 x 500 ml)

Last year, Oprah Winfrey, 67, helped promote Meghan Markle's instant oat-milk latte company, Clevr Blends. Now, she has included the coffee in her list of Favorite Things from 2021.

That's how to steal the show! Prince Philip in a cloud of butterflies - emblematic of his wildlife charity brainchild - behind the Queen in her video message was the perfect backdrop to a majestic Cop26 intervention, writes ROBERT HARDMAN

ROBERT HARDMAN: The Cop26 summit was, the Queen (left and bottom right) told delegates (top right), their chance to be 'written in history books yet to be printed'. Big words from one who has already been written in to a few herself. Though this was a speech she had wanted to make in person until her doctors decreed that it had to be delivered via video, it lost none of its punch. The poignancy of the setting only added to the power of her words. There she was in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle, the same room in which delivered her historic address to a Covid-ravaged nation last year. At her side, was a favourite photo of the Duke of Edinburgh surrounded by butterflies during a 1988 visit to Mexico.

Ouch! By Shots Non Sticky Bondage Tape - rot - circa 17.5 m lang

Gloria Williams, 35 (left), appeared in Houston court on Monday and had a lawyer assigned to represent her as she faces charges stemming from the beating death of her 8-year-old son, Kendrick Lee (inset). Prosecutors said Williams and her boyfriend Brain Coulter (right), who has been charged with murder, lived in the apartment with Kendrick's body for four months and kept her three surviving sons locked in the room with the corpse.

Three firefighters from Engine 219 near the Barclay's Center and two from Ladder 105 were sent home after showing up to report for duty, as were eight from Engine 243 in Bath Beach, Brooklyn (main). A female firefighter from Engine 38 in the Bronx (top right) was sent home as was a firefighter from Engine 15 on the Lower East Side (top left) whose religious exemption did not process. Three firefighters from Engine 219 near the Barclay's Center and two from Ladder 105 were sent home after showing up to report for duty. 'I know that it is preventing us getting to calls and medical calls in a timely fashion and it's wearing on the guys,' said one firefighter out of Engine 219 next to the Barclay's Center.

Sarasota County Kurt Hoffman recently revealed that Brian Laundrie likely killed himself as cops throughout the country searched for his missing fiancee, Gabby Petito.

Oprah has unveiled her favorite things from 2021, and a lot of them are super affordable. The list includes 111 items in total and ranges from a $2,295 at home work-out machine to a $12 eyeshadow palette. According to the 67-year-old, many of the products have been selected from either small businesses, women-owned brands, or companies owned by people of color.

The VP's childhood best friend is releasing a memoir about growing up with Kamala Harris in a progressive Berkeley, California community. DailyMail.com obtained an exclusive excerpt Monday.

The next Apple iPhone and Watch could have a feature that detects a car accident and dials 911 automatically using a 'crash detection' feature which could be unveiled as soon as next year.

KaiserRein Glasreiniger mit Lotuseffekt (Abperleffelt) Spray 0,5

Designer Roland Mouret has filed notice of its intent to appoint administrators. It's known for the famous, curve-hugging Roland Mouret Galaxy dress, but has struggled to survive during the pandemic. It seems not even the loyalty of customers including the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex has been able to save Mouret from the disastrous financial effects of the pandemic. And so the creator of the Galaxy has fallen back to earth. For a man whose creations were adored by A-listers but were also just within the reach of ordinary women, his reversal of fortune shows how devastating the impact of Covid has been on the industry. Several cancelled seasons, no social events, no international travel plus the end of duty-free shopping this spring - which, without the discounts available to tourists, delivered a hammer blow to London's status as a fashion retail capital - compounded the pain. Mouret, 60, said in an interview earlier this year that sales had plunged by 80 per cent. 'We lost 20 years in one day,' he added. But he was determined to survive, and only two months ago promised he would be 'the last man standing' in British fashion, following the demise of such labels as Alice Temperley, Amanda Wakeley and Ralph & Russo. (Pictured: From left to right, Carol Vorderman, Rachel Weisz, Victoria Beckham, Dita Von Teese, Halle Berry and Miranda Kerr all wearing the Galaxy. Inset, Roland Mouret with Ms Von Teese)

A report released Sunday provides new details on the tension and fear lawmakers faced on January 6. Graham's office did not dispute the report's claims when asked by DailyMail.com.

Tucker Carlson's (top right) new documentary quotes J. Michael Waller (center right) as saying that left-wing agitators like John Sullivan (bottom right) instigated violence at the Capitol on January 6.

Moment California mom TACKLES intruder 'high on drugs' who wandered into garage where her two girls, aged 5 and 6, were playing

Surveillance video shows a California mother tackling an intruder and pinning him down after he ran at her young daughters inside a friend's open garage where the family had been sitting. Police who were called to the scene cited the suspect, Rasmus Rasmussen, 31, for being under the influence of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor, and let him go.

The new survey shows a rise in the number of Americans who think violence may be necessary to 'save the country.' The director of the group conducting the poll blamed January 6.

Kelly Dodd and her husband Rick Leventhal sparked major backlash for their tone-deaf and wildly insensitive Halloween costumes this year. While the couple frequently get slammed for their 'attention-seeking' behavior, their latest actions have been described as 'really insensitive' and 'messed up on so many levels.' Just over a week after Alec Baldwin fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in a tragic accident on the set of the film Rust, Leventhal, 61, dressed up as the actor as he held a gun and wore a western-inspired ensemble.

The haunting final words of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins as she lay dying on a Santa Fe film set have been revealed. 'That was no good. That was no good at all,' Hutchins, 42, said seconds after she was fatally shot by Alec Baldwin on the set of indie Western Rust on October 21 before succumbing to her injuries. Hutchins' last words came after lead actor Baldwin discharged a prop Colt .45 revolver that was supposed to be loaded with blanks but contained live ammunition, and were reported Sunday by the Los Angeles Times after a slew of interviews with cast and crew. Moreover, DailyMail.com has exclusively obtained photos from the late mother-of-one's wedding day 16 years ago, which show the Ukraine-born bride adorned in a long, white gown, accompanied by her parents Olga and Anatoly Androsovych, and her husband, Matt Hutchins. 'What the f**k just happened?' Baldwin reportedly asked cast and crew members after the shot went off, and Hutchins suddenly stumbled back into head electrician Serge Svetnoy's (pictured in photo at right with Hutchins) arms. Director Joel Souza also hit the deck after being grazed. The actor, perplexed by the incident, had been prepping for a scene that involved him drawing and firing the prop gun.

The former President hosted a large Halloween party at his Palm Beach resort on Sunday night, when he was pictured spending time with Johnson and Gretzky. In a series of Instagram posts shared by Gretzky, Johnson and their friends, Trump, 75, was seen greeting his guests while wearing his signature navy suit. Gretzky, 32, modeled a Baywatch lifeguard costume that saw her sporting a red bathing suit, matching windbreaker and nude tights. Her partner Johnson, 37, appeared to be dressed as a professional tennis player, wearing a white polo shirt and a matching sweatband around his forehead. Gretzky and her friends shared several posts from inside the party - including an image of one woman who wore a spoof Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez costume. The woman wore a joke version of the 'Tax the Rich' dress that AOC modeled at the Met Gala, but crossed out 'tax' and replaced it with the word 'marry'. Trump's wife Melania, 51, was not pictured or filmed with her husband at the event; the former First Lady has shied away from the spotlight in recent months.

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, 45, also criticized the FBI for not returning her calls to cooperate, instead re-opening the investigation that some blame for Clinton's 2016 loss.

Huma Abedin, a one-time top advisor to Hillary Clinton, revealed in an interview on Sunday that she ignored calls from Hillary warning her against appearing with her husband Anthony Weiner.

Caroline Lee, 60, an award-winning English teacher from Florida, has been charged with child abuse for allegedly hitting a student who publicly questioned her use of the 'N-word.'

Michelle Parker remembers little of what happened the day her horse, Flash, headbutted her four years ago - but she is still living with the after-effects.

A new trailer teases the upcoming season of the TLC show I Am Jazz, which premieres November 30. Jazz, 21, candidly discusses the nearly 100 lbs. she has gained in the past two years, admitting the cause is binge-eating and medication. She said her family fat-shames her, while one scene shows them all weighing in on her eating habits. She reveals that she weighs 234 lbs. and has trouble doing athletic activities she could do before. Jazz also tells a dietician that a typical breakfast is 'fast food, maybe a donut or two and then maybe two bagels.' The Harvard student opened up about her weight gain and binging this summer, and revealing she suffers from binge-eating disorder in 2018.

Movie star and fashion designer Jessica Simpson got sober four years ago. And on Monday the Dukes Of Hazzard actress took to Instagram to reflect on what was a very good decision for her and her family. In the shocking image, the blonde beauty is almost unrecognizable as she looks bloated and confused while wearing a pink track suit as she sat down in a dark room.

Navarro writes in his book 'In Trump Time' that Dr. Fauci did 'more damage to this nation, President Trump and the world than anyone else this side of the Bat Lady of Wuhan.'

Speaking to FEMAIL, three UK-based relationship experts shared their advice on the questions you need to ask before turning your back on a relationship.

Couples that are unsatisfied in their relationship can see a boost after a natural disaster, say researchers at the University of Texas at Austin. But it only lasts about a year

In-sync sweating and heart rates are much better indicators of attraction than copying body language and mannerisms on a blind date, experts at Leiden University in the Netherlands say.

The group were seen in a photograph (pictured) shared on Bezos's social media pages at Dumfries House, a Scottish country mansion near Glasgow, two days after the Amazon founder was seen in Turkey celebrating the 66th birthday of fellow-billionaire Bill Gates as the pair vacationed on superyachts. 'The Prince of Wales has been involved in fighting climate change and protecting our beautiful world for five decades - far longer than most,' Besoz wrote on Twitter and Instagram along with the photograph. 'We had a chance to discuss these important issues on the eve of #COP26 - looking for solutions to heal our world, and how the @BezosEarthFund can help.' The meeting came two days after the Amazon founder was in Turkey celebrating the 66th birthday of fellow-billionaire Bill Gates as the pair vacationed on superyachts. Gates and Bezos were slammed as hypocrites for lecturing the world on the need to combat climate change by reducing the carbon footprint, while at the same jet-setting to Turkey and staying on the superyachts - each of which emits around 7,020 tons of carbon dioxide per year, or 19 tons per day.

Some activists at COP26 will be urging others to cut down on air travel, but apparently it is fine for billionaires to fly in on their own planes on routes already served by commercial airlines.

Candace, 45, took to Instagram over the weekend to share photos of herself posing with her husband Valerie Bure and their children Natasha, 23, and Lev, 21. She and her daughter were both wearing bright red strapless dresses while her husband and son Lev opted not to wear socks with their dress shoes. The only one who was missing from the family snapshot was Candace and Valerie's son Maksim, 19, who is away at college. Critics claimed that wearing red to a wedding is a 'no-no' because it 'steals [the] spotlight from the bride.' Candace responded by noting there are 'different style rules in Los Angeles,' saying there were four other women wearing red at the wedding. Fans also took issue with Valerie and Lev going sans socks, which led the mother of three to get a bit more defensive. Candace warned online trolls not to 'poke mama bear,' saying: ' Some of you still need to learn manners. Don't like? Scroll through.'

The grim figure, tallied by Johns Hopkins University, comes less than two years into a crisis that has not only devastated poor countries but also humbled wealthy ones with first-rate healthcare systems.

'I don't know what kind of pandemic it is if they're firing nurses who are willing to work,' an unidentified Kaiser Permanente Hospital nurse says during the five-minute rant.

Thai authorities have given the green light to vaccinated tourists from over 60 'low-risk' countries to skip hotel quarantine, providing its tourism sector which a much-needed lifeline.

Digging has begun for The Line, a 105-mile long series of urban areas along a central 'spine' in northwest Saudi Arabia. The design for the linear city calls for three layers: a pedestrian surface area, plus two subterranean layers for transport and infrastructure. Developers predict the first residents will move into The Line some time in 2024.

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The Norwegian women's beach handball team were fined 1,500 euros (£1,300) in July for being 'improperly dressed' after the players wore shorts at the European championship.

The 71-year-old actor filed paperwork to end his 38-year marriage to spouse Opal Stone Perlman in November 2019 and the former couple have finally had an agreement on dividing their assets.

Brad and Cyndi Marler told each other that they were gay a few years after they got married. But they kept it a secret from the rest of the world for 30 years so that they could live 'the all-American life.'

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Biden, Johnson, Merkel and Trudeau engage in dinner-time climate change diplomacy as the biggest meeting of world leaders in Britain in 75 years are greeted by William and Kate at lavish evening bash at COP26 summit
EXCLUSIVE: Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria step out for a coffee run in small Vermont town after being bashed for 'tasteless' Halloween posts while investigation into deadly on-set shooting continues
Hypocrite airways? Jeff Bezos's £48m Gulf Stream leads parade of 400 private jets into COP26 including Prince Albert of Monaco, scores of royals and dozens of 'green' CEOs - as huge traffic jam forces empty planes to fly 30 miles to park
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Taking Zinc supplements could help to cure coughs and colds and speed up your recovery by TWO days, study claims
Americans who received the one-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine were 3.5 times as likely to develop rare blood clots compared to the general population, study finds

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Dennison was a reluctant pageant contestant when a banker in Tyler, Texas convinced her to represent his bank in a local pageant. She went on to win several more including Miss America in 1942, during which she also won the swimsuit competition. But during her reign, she refused to parade around in a swimsuit again as she visited military bases, defense plants, and hospitals during WWII. After her reign, she signed a seven-year contract with 20th Century Fox and appeared in several movies, including The Jolson Story, and TV shows. She was a regular at Gene Kelly's Saturday night parties with Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and Gregory Peck. She married and divorced twice and leaves behind two adult children and three grandchildren.

NYC man, 33, is arrested after LYING to cops and telling them a seven-year-old boy with Down syndrome was in the back of his stolen Ford Mustang so they would 'find it quicker'

Queens man James Reyes, 33, was arrested on Sunday after he falsely claimed a seven-year-old boy with Down syndrome was in the back of his stolen red Ford Mustang. Reyes had filed the false report so that his vehicle could be 'found quicker' which led police to conduct a four-hour search. The police discovered a 17-year-old male suspect driving the vehicle about a half-mile away from where it was stolen. Reyes was issued a desk appearance desk for making the false claim and is due to appear in court on November 21.

Police were called to the home in Colorado Springs at around 10am on Saturday morning by a sibling. When they entered the home they found two adults and two children dead.

According to Japanese broadcaster NHK, Princess Mako's new husband Kei Komuro, 30, phoned a work colleague to inform them of the news over the weekend and said he planned to retake.

Michigan State football celebrations descend into anarchy as students OVERTURN cars and light fires while filming the destruction on their phones

Hundreds of fans caused chaos in East Lansing after MSU's Spartans won the football game on Saturday. At least one student was arrested off-campus by police by East Lansing police for kicking an overturned car in the Cedar Village apartment complex, near the East end of MSU's campus. Fifteen students were ejected from the Spartans Stadium during the game, five others face disciplinary actions from Michigan State University's campus police for code violations. Fans flipped cars, burned couches, and set off fireworks across the city following the game. 'It's tempting to write off the arson and the vandalism as high spirits but last night I witnessed a kerosene-soaked coach on fire two feet away from a line of parked cars,' East Lansing Mayor Jessy Gregg said.

The heads depict Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Dionysus, the god of wine. The statue bodies were found at a previous dig, but show Greeks held on to their beliefs under Roman rule.

Amazon will launch its first Project Kuiper internet satellites into orbit next year to test and demonstrate the technology before its starts building a constellation of more than 3,000 devices.

Her Majesty hopes to be fit enough to attend events again in mid November - but until then other royal family members will have to step in and take on the Queen's duties.

Toneka Rogers Robinson, 32, from Dallas, Texas, and her husband, Justin, 34, recently welcomed a baby girl named Jireh. She has a condition called with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, which caused dark spots to appear all over her body. The condition is not hereditary, and is caused by faulty development of pigment cells in the first trimester of pregnancy. Toneka and Justin want their daughter to embrace her differences and hope that 'her confidence will be able to withstand ignorance.'

Set for release on Netflix next month, Passing is based on Nella Larsen's work of the same name, which tells the story of two mixed race women living in 1920s New York - one of whom is 'passing' as white

The anonymous homeowner shared their unsettling discovery on TikTok. Two days into rennovating a new house, they pulled up dark green carpet to find lots of old blood stains underneath.

OYZK 5 Farben 12 Löcher Kiln-Fired Ceramics Alto C Legend of Zel

Influencer Josephine Livin, from Copenhagen, Denmark, boasts 46,800 followers on her social media account thanks to clips aiming to prove 'that social media is fake'.

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Dame Diana rose to fame in the 1960s and 1970s after starring as leather-clad Emma Peel in cult series The Avengers and James Bond's doomed lover in On her Majesty's Secret Service.

Blown it! Excited mothers-in-law end up covered in blue powder at Halloween gender reveal

This is the moment two mothers-in-law hilariously misfired their smoke flares at a gender reveal. Austin Schmidt, 25, and Katie Howe, 24, were hosting a Halloween themed party at their home in Wisconsin, to reveal she was having a baby boy. Katie's mother, Jessie, and Austin's mother, Shannon, were given small smoke cannons to set off at the crucial moment. As Austin and Katie poured liquid into a plastic pumpkin, turning its contents blue, Jessie and Shannon activated their flares, not realizing they were holding them upside down.

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The rhino with tears in his eyes: Heartbreaking images show a 4,500lb Southern White rhino 'weeping in pain' after poachers hacked off his horn and removed part of the bone in his skull in South African game reserve

The male rhino can be seen laying its head on the ground as it appears to weep in pain, with dried tear marks running down one eye, at the charity Saving the Survivor's reserve in South Africa. The 4,500 pound Southern White rhino was attacked by poachers who cut off his horn and removed parts of the bone in his skull. The extent of the rhino's injuries are clearly visible in the images - as the rhino's skull is exposed behind the bloodied hole where the horn was removed by poachers. Saving the Survivors are a team of wildlife vets whose mission is to face animals who has fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents.

Researchers at the University of Manchester identified markers that can be spotted from a blood test that is up to 74 per cent accurate at predicting a woman's risk of having problems during birth.

Bad dog! Clumsy St Bernard floods owner's back yard as she tries to get into swimming pool

The hilarious footage shows one-year-old St Bernard Gigi pushing down the wall of an outdoor swimming pool as she tried to cool down at home in Corona, California. Her owner, Luke Smith, 18, and his girlfriend Hannah Villegas rushed outside to find the backyard flooding with water as the dog stands half in, half out of the pool. Luke said: 'It was funny because we had just been talking about how much she loved the pool and how she could get in and out of it with no problems. Boy were we wrong.'

Tempers flare at NASCAR race as Denny Hamlin rams into winner Alex Bowman's car during victory lap and fuming Kyle Busch brands Brad Keselowski a r****d

The penultimate event of the NASCAR Cup season took a combative turn after Sunday's race with Denny Hamlin intentionally driving into winner Alex Bowman's car (left), spoiling his victory lap, and Kyle Busch (right) using the r-word to call out Brad Keselowski.'It's frickin' r*******, man.' Busch said of Keselowski's driving after the two had a late run-in. 'So stupid. I don't understand these guys. I should beat the s*** out of him right now, is what I should do. But, that doesn't do me any good, either.' Busch later apologized for using the term, which refers to people who suffer from mental retardation. Busch's verbal threats were a milder approach than the one taken by JGR teammate Hamlin after Bowman spun Hamlin from the lead with six laps remaining to send the race into overtime. Hamlin had led 103 laps with victory in sight when Bowman spun him. Hamlin after the race drove his car to the frontstretch and parked in front of Bowman to prevent Bowman from a proper celebration on Bowman's fourth win of the season. Bowman insisted the contact with Hamlin was accidental and wondered why Hamlin was so angry because Hamlin has done the same to him.

Whenever Martin Penny, 40, of Milton Keynes has the sniffles, his 11-month-old 'pandemic puppy' Mac is on hand to make sure he doesn't spread his germs any further.

Moment disabled sportsman throws himself out of his wheelchair to stop vicious stray dogs savaging his pug in Russia 

Aleksander Livanov, from Ulyanovsk, Russia, threw himself out of his wheelchair to shield his pet pug, Buckie, from a pack of vicious dogs. CCTV shows the wheelchair basketball player spinning his wheelchair to block the strays. But his attempts to fend them off failed and one grabbed Buckie's leg, trying to drag the small dog away. Mr Livanov said: 'I did not have any other options, but to sort of "jump forward", pull my dog up and shield it with my body.'